Gardening with vegetables can be fun and provide delicious and highly nutritious fresh food. Watching and working with plants can add a new dimension of enjoyment to life and bring an awareness of the wonderful world of nature in the backyard. The marvels of nature will have special personal meaning when nurturing a small seedling into a colourful productive plant with your own hands. These accomplishments can be obtained regardless of the size of garden. A few plants or a large plot will give rewarding experiences for both young and old. The path to a successful vegetable garden is not difficult or long. A few carefully taken steps will produce many enjoyable moments and an abundant harvest of fresh vegetables during much of the year.

Location, location, location. First and foremost, select a location with plenty of sunlight. Most vegetables require a minimum exposure to sunlight of six hours per day, but more is better. Don’t plant gardens under or near trees or large shrubs. Aside from the shade factor, their roots will rob fertility and water from your vegetables.

Make a plan. Planning ahead will help avoid problems and make your garden a complement to your landscape. If space is […]