Need a cost effective, environmentally conscious fence or garden room divider?  Build it yourself with pruned twigs and branches from trees and shrubs.

Pound two rows of poles (pressure-treated tree stakes or steel T-bars work well) 60 centimetres into the ground one metre apart, with the rows 45 centimetres apart and parallel to each other.  Then, simply start laying your pruned branches horizontally between the poles, making sure that each branch spans at least two posts in order to hold it in place.  Use primarily deciduous branches if you can, but anything goes.  New branches can be added as the older ones settle, making space for more.

The fence makes a great trellis for annual, perennial or vegetable vines.  They love to weave their stems through the branches, further strengthening and binding the fence together.  Once you get started, you’ll find yourself scoping out your neighbourhood for more branches to feed your fence.  The prunings are transformed from waste into a beautiful, natural and unique addition to any garden.




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