Grow plants in a pot

All About Planting For Containers

Hanging baskets and planters should be at least 10” in diameter, as smaller containers dry out too quickly. Window boxes should be at least 6” deep. Drainage holes are necessary for all containers.

Selecting Plants

Consider where containers will be placed (sun or shade). Remember all plants should have the same light requirements.

Soil Preparation

Use Potting Soil only. Do not use field, garden, or black earth top soil because it has inadequate drainage and may contain insects or weed seeds.

How to Plant

Soak the plants, remove them from their containers and set into soil. There should be room for the entire root ball plus additional soil to fill in around each plant. Ensure that the roots are completely covered. The soil surface should be ½” (1cm) below the rim of the container so that water will not run off.

After Planting Care

Water plants thoroughly when planting and thereafter, whenever the soil is dry. Due to limited soil, container gardens dry out quickly. Normally, they should be watered at least once a day. Containers should be fertilized once per week. We recommend Miracle Gro Fertilizer.